Retail Therapy, powered by Irvine Company Retail Properties, is a website and mobile app providing hundreds of local discounts and deals for restaurants, shopping, activities, spas, salons and more throughout select cities in Orange County and Santa Clara County, California.

The Retail Therapy app and website serves Orange County and Santa Clara County in California, specifically the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale. Powered by Irvine Company Retail Properties, coupons and deals available in the Retail Therapy platform are exclusively available at retailers, restaurants, and experiences located at Irvine Company-owned properties, including 40+ neighborhood shopping centers, Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum Center, and The Market Place.

After downloading the Retail Therapy app to your mobile device, you can create an account when prompted to “log in or sign up.” On this screen, you will either enter your email address, click “Sign in with Facebook,” “Sign in with Google,” or “Sign in with Apple.” Simply follow the instructions and prompts for whichever option you choose to complete your registration.

Creating a Retail Therapy account is quick, easy, and free! After you’ve downloaded the Retail Therapy mobile app, simply sign up using your email address, Facebook or Google account, or with your Apple ID. Once you register, you will be granted access to premium Retail Therapy features including exclusive BOGO (buy-one-get-one) coupons, the ability to conveniently save your favorite stores and restaurants for easy reference, as well as the ability to view your account history of all redeemed coupons.

Not ready to create an account? That’s ok, too. Select “try as a guest” when prompted to sign in within the mobile app after you first download the app. You can always create an account at a later time for complete Retail Therapy access.

Redeeming Retail Therapy coupons is easy! (1) Simply visit the merchant’s location specified on the coupon, (2) access the coupon in the Retail Therapy mobile app on your mobile device, (3) tap the Redeem button and show the coupon to the merchant at time of purchase. 

If you have trouble redeeming a coupon, please contact the merchant directly. Merchant contact information can be found on the coupon.

NOTE: If you are viewing Retail Therapy coupons on a desktop via website, please make sure to view the disclaimer on each coupon as some merchants may require you to print an offer in order to redeem it.

When you’re ready to use the coupon, hand over your phone to the cashier, who will select the “Redeem” button. Please be aware that once you redeem a one-time use coupon you will not be able to use it again. A list of “Redeemed Coupons” can be found in the “Menu” tab of the app.

If you have trouble redeeming a coupon, first check to make sure you meet the purchase requirements by reviewing the disclaimer information. Disclaimer information can found by clicking a specific coupon and then selecting “Disclaimer.” You might have purchased the wrong brand, kind, or size of product or service. Sometimes there are minimum quantity requirements, exclusions, restrictions, etc. that will be noted in the details of the coupon. If you have trouble redeeming a coupon, please contact the merchant directly. Merchant contact information can be found on the coupon.

If you are still having trouble redeeming a coupon after contacting the merchant, please email Irvine Company Retail Properties at [email protected]. Provide your email address, phone number, and a few details about the problem, including the merchant name and shopping center name. We will reach out to the merchant for help and ask them to contact you directly.

In order to view which deals are nearby, you will need to enable location services in your device’s settings.

To enable location services on your iOS device:

To enable location services on your Android device, follow these instructions from Google Account Help.

The Retail Therapy mobile app will use your mobile device’s precise location in order to automatically locate and show you the coupons nearest to you. This is helpful when you’d like to see what deals are nearby!

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your fantastic finds with your friends and family who live or work in the neighborhoods Retail Therapy serves. Depending on the device on which you’re accessing Retail Therapy, many coupons can be shared via text, email, chat, and social media. Go ahead, share the savings!

To share coupons within the app, navigate to the coupon you would like to share and click on it. Then, click the arrow in the top right corner to select your preferred method of sharing (i.e. text, mail, etc.).

You may also share the entire app by clicking on the Menu tab (look for the three dots in the bottom right menu of the app) and then click Share App.

To share coupons via the website, navigate to the coupon you would like to share on and click View Details. Then, click Email, fill out the form, and click Submit.