Absolutely! We encourage you to share your fantastic finds with your friends and family who live or work in the neighborhoods Retail Therapy serves. Depending on the device on which you’re accessing Retail Therapy, many coupons can be shared via text, email, chat, and social media. Go ahead, share the savings!

To share coupons within the app, navigate to the coupon you would like to share and click on it. Then, click the arrow in the top right corner to select your preferred method of sharing (i.e. text, mail, etc.).

You may also share the entire app by clicking on the Menu tab (look for the three dots in the bottom right menu of the app) and then click Share App.

To share coupons via the website, navigate to the coupon you would like to share on RetailTherapyApp.com/Offers and click View Details. Then, click Email, fill out the form, and click Submit.